Language Leader Advanced (Coursebook and CD-ROM)

David Cotton, David Falvey, Simon Kent, Ian Lebeau, Gareth Rees,
Pearson Longman | 2010
ISBN: 1408236931 | 196 pages
PDF, CD-Room| 37, 138, 150MB

Language Leader is a general adult course that provides a thought-provoking and purposeful approach to learning English. With its engaging content and systematic skills work, it is the ideal course for students who want to express their ideas and develop their communicative abilities.

It includes
* Motivating and informative texts which improve reading and listening skills
* Scenario lessons that focus on key language and work towards a final communicative task.
* Systematic grammar and vocabulary practice with extensive recycling and frequent review units
* A strong focus on study skills encouraging independent learning
* A stimulating and comprehensive writing syllabus

Language Leader Advanced CD-ROM contains 12 units, each with eight exercises, divided into Grammar, Vocabulary, Key Language, Listening and Writing Sections. The activities include sound, images and games for stimulating and effective practice. All grammar exercises are cross referenced to the Language Reference for immediate, relevant consolidation. The Review section provides quick tests with instant feedback. Users also have access to phonetic charts and an irregular verb list to whilst completing the activities.

Also included is a searchable dictionary, covering the vocabulary included in the course, based entirely on original entries taken from the Dictionary of Contemporary English to develop the dictionary skills introduced in the coursebook.

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